"MERMAIDS On The Rocks" a Baby Boomer Group Shoot and first in the series of 2014 Themed events.
"MERMAIDS On The Rocks" a Baby Boomer Group Shoot and first in the series of 2014 Themed events.
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Join BabyBoomers against AGEism The Baby Boomer Project! Want to help? I need more:Lady Boomers aged 50+ interested in posing for me, Wardrobers,& FILMMAKERS (See Tab section)

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Today Pamela follows her lifelong passion for Photography, combining it with other lifelong held loves in Art and Writing: art history, painting in acrylic, watercolor, inks, vivid colors intricately laced with soft pastels, and other mixed media. Influences from many sources of interest such as science, biology, natural history, geology, earth religions, eastern and western medicine and healing, metaphysical studies, anthropology, mythology, ancient British history, interior and architectural design, psychology, indigenous cultures and folklore, botany and gardening. All may show, in many ways, in her works. Art works so far released Online may be viewed,(give it a look!) chosen for sponsorship of Charities, and privately purchased.

Baby Boomer Project portraits and Group events of lady Boomers posing in Costume Baby Boomer Allie pauses at Enochs Stomp Vineyard

THE BABY BOOMER PROJECT by Pamela- Want to Help Volunteer? - 1950s lady Baby Boomers Wanted. MERMAID shoot and PinUp Fifties Look completed. See what's next:

LADY BABY BOOMER poses for THE BABY BOOMER PROJECT BABY BOOMER MERMAID shoot 2014.The 1st of the GROUP Shoots, "Mermaids On The Rocks" was an outdoor shoot by a Waterfall in the Metroplex.

Please Join my Mission, a Photo journalistic, creative project

presenting elegant photographs with short stories and anecdotes from the Women themselves, all in salute of the FIFTIES Woman and who they are.

 FILMMAKERS, WARDROBERS, PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS, and MAKEUP ARTISTS: I'm Providing advertising space here on the website And in the Final Publication. Please Contact me!

"Baby Boomers Project" Empowerment and visual imagery to raise awareness about Age-ism and enhance the view of the WOMAN of the 50's with savviness, wit, sensuality, and sensitivity. Firepower and wisdom.


Volunteer as one of the Models. Are you a 1950's lady (Born 1948-64) who has always wanted to do something like this (who didn't want to be a model growing up?) I'll add make up as needed too, and we generally have some volunteer MUAs{Make Up Artist} . If you'd like to MODEL (you need not have experience) don't worry about meeting in some far away place...I'll work the location out around you. I prefer natural light and choose Outdoor locations more often than studio time. Botanical Gardens, nature preserves, urban courtyards or parks work well. I bring props if needed (hats, jewelry, flowers, feather boas)....limited to East and North Texas at this time. ALLEN, GARLAND, FRISCO, PLANO, RICHARDSON, THE COLONY, DALLAS, Texas, and Jefferson, Texas are close city centers I have access to.

Prints or CD of your photoshoot will be made available to you, [some following your shoot and others after publication release].

Think about a Ladies group too if you have girlfriends your age, GROUP shoots can be arranged...GIRLFRIEND shots are great.


PHONE 972-596-1338 or Email wizardress.of.aahs@gmail.com to reach me. This is Free and you may have some headshots to use for business or facebook pages if you like.


*Photographs All Rights Reserved and owned by Pamela Smale Williams, Image Wizards Photography, and ARTography by Pamela. Copyrighted material.CALL ME with questions, qualms, and get in on the fun- we'll play DRESS UP and make up a Glam YOU without expense for a make up expert or a professional photographer because of the Volunteer nature of this Project. It's an exciting hour* of your time to make up and feel like a Goddess, and tell the world what a Baby Boomer is made of!

*Most sessions take up to 1.5 hour or can be tailored for your schedule within reason. OUTDOOR options or STUDIO locations with directions will be arranged in advance with each modeling lady Boomer. Relaxing environment is key. 972.596.1338 phone or Email Me!

Call my STUDIO if you want to shoot as an extra Photographer, FILMmaker, or Make up artist.



  • COMMENT below, Leave a question...To Volunteer, please use the email wizardress.of.aahs@gmail.com
  • GROUP Shoot Descriptions ongoing at facebook.com/the.babyboomer.project  for the latest EVENT


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  • Pamela Smale Williams (Wednesday, April 23 14 01:46 pm EDT)

    Kathy How do I reach you?Feb.16 comment. See http://facebook.com/the.babyoomer.project and http://facebook.com/image.wizards.photographer

  • Sheril (Tuesday, April 22 14 12:21 pm EDT)

    I recently turned 60----Sheri Davis recommended me to you---I told her I watched you work at the shoot on Saturday---very impressed----hope you can use me for this project. GREAT idea!

  • Denise McMillan (Tuesday, April 22 14 09:48 am EDT)

    Your photos and the ladies are so beautiful! I would love to do a session - however, born in 1960, only my age is in the 50's. Does that eliminate my eligibility? Assuming it does but had to ask anyway. :). Beautiful work!

  • susan jarvis (Sunday, March 09 14 03:47 pm EDT)

    I would love to volunteer.. susan jarvis on fb

  • Kathy (Sunday, February 16 14 11:30 am EST)

    Would love to be part of your project!

  • Windy Warner (Thursday, February 13 14 07:03 pm EST)

    Hi, I'm interested in volunteering for our project. I need a good headshot, but I'd also just like a great outdoor photo...the snapshots just aren't working. April is a good month for me. I live in Dallas. Can drive north, or there's a great park in Highland Park.

  • LISA DAWN BENGE (Friday, December 27 13 11:10 am EST)

    Hi Pamela,
    I am 50 yr old baby boomer. I need good headshots. I just paid alot of money for a great photographer and did not like my results. Hair and makeup too. I feel young but look so darn old. Can you help?

  • Pamela (Saturday, September 14 13 04:33 am EDT)

    September I'm meeting some very sweet ladies who are going to meet me at the Marriott hotel at the Plano center Shops at Legacy. 7121 Bishop Dr. Plano 75024 Depending on the weather we'll either shoot outdoors with the 'lake and fountain in the background or will go inside the pretty lobby with lots of great spots to choose, Hotels make very appropriate backdrops for any type of mood a lot of the time and such a variance in decor and charm. I have shot in the Renaissane Hotel in Richardson TX. before too, successfully. The Bellagio fountain at the North side of Legacy is also a favorite spot.

  • Faery.here (Sunday, July 14 13 04:25 am EDT)

    Where do you shoot the Boomer ladies typically? This sounds like fun!

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